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24 X 7 Breathtaking Beauty Makeup Tutorial

The science of figuring out your makeup and ensemble of the day can be time-consuming. Beauty YouTuber Charis Ow shares 3 easy makeup looks that can easily become your daily go-to for any occasion.


Everyday Makeup


Your daily makeup for the office should make you feel powerful, confident without looking overpowering. This look beautifully enhances your best features so you can confidently make great strides in the office. A great office-friendly eye color is the
Air Optix® Colors in Pure Hazel.

Step 1 : Conceal your under eye circles and blend in your favorite foundation.This will give your skin a fresh and dewy     look all day long.


Step 2 : Give yourself a little flick with a darker eyeliner to intensify your gaze, allowing you to exude a professional yet     assertive persona in the office.

Step 3 : Contour! Give the hollows of your cheeks and the bridge of your nose some dimension by blending in bronzer or an eye shadow that’s slightly darker than your skin tone to emphasise the shadows of your face. This nifty trick not only adds dimension, it will give your confidence an instant boost too!


There you go!  A makeup look perfect for any working woman who wants to take on the workplace with full force!

Date Night.


If date night happens to fall on the weekday, don’t get nervous! We will have you date night-ready in just a few minutes!

One of the best date night eye color is the mysterious Air Optix® Colors in Gray.

Step 1 : Build on your morning look by choosing an eye shadow color that is darker than the one you used during the       day, like a charcoal or black.


Step 2 : Finish this sexy date night look with a sensational red lip.

How easy was that! Now you are ready to knock your date off his feet with this enigmatic,
sultry look.

Weekend Casual


If on the weekends when you prefer to dress down and not put too much effort to look decent, here is a casual look that you can whip up in a matter of minutes. A fun eye color for the weekends is the Air Optix® Colors in Honey.

Step 1 : Eyebrows are the frames of our faces, so no matter how lazy you are,define and fill them in! Brush them out with a spooly for a natural look.


Step 2 : Tight line your eyes to give your peepers some emphasis and enhance your lashes with just one coat of mascara.



Step 3 : Brush on some blush, swipe on a moisturizing lip tint and you are done!

This cute, laid back look is great for both brunch with the girls and a casual weekend stroll
with the boyfriend!

There you go, 3 super easy looks that you can wear to numerous occasion all week long. Always remember your eyes are your most important features, enhancing them naturally with the right color contacts is half the work done!


Air Optix® Colors breathable contact lenses can blend seamlessly with your eye color to naturally change your eye color while providing you with maximum comfort with 6x¹ more breathability than your conventional color contacts. Your eyes will feel fresh, look whiter and feel comfortable all day long.

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