“With clear vision, I #NeverSettle for anything less than I deserve.”

Find out why we are so inspired by Germaine Yeap, a former banker turned

Muay Thai fighter and stunt woman. Check out her full story in the video above.

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Express yourself with FreshLook®

Color Your Day any way you like with FreshLook® Color Contact Lenses. Find your Color now!

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24 X 7 Breathtaking Beauty Makeup Tutorial

Close the science of figuring out your makeup and ensemble of the day can be time-consuming. Beauty blogger Charis Ow shares 3 easy makeup looks that can easily become your daily go-to for any occasion.

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Be Breathtakingly Beautiful.

Close your eyes and take a slow, deep breath. Now, envision yourself surrounded by nature, and then, count to ten.

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How to style Color Contact Lenses for everyday wear​

It is a common misconception that color contact lenses are reserved for funky outfits, night outs, and teenagers.​