Chan Won’s #NeverSettle Dilemma: Finance or Beauty?

Proud Finance degree holder, Chan Won is also a fashionista and travel-bug who loves sharing her beauty & wanderlust experiences on her blog . Upon graduating, her family had expectations for her to pursue a career in the finance industry. However, she found it hard to let go of her passion for blogging.


She knew she needed to have a clear vision of what she wanted to do. So, she wrote down a list of possibilities, opportunities and regrets of both paths to help her make a decision. After which, she decided that she wanted to live her life, for herself. She didn’t want to settle for second best and other people’s expectations of what she should be because she knew she should be herself. That’s how she finally decided to seriously pursue a career in blogging, and look where she is today!


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Source: Chan Won's Instagram @chanwon92

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It has been 3 years since Chan Won decided to never settle for a decision that she’s expected to make. In fact, she has made it crystal clear that her passion for blogging is here to stay together with her new AIR OPTIX® plus HydraGlyde® monthly lenses!

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