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Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger Hanie Hidayah’s

DAILIES TOTAL1® Experience

Hanie Hidayah is the name behind the uber cool blog, Average Jane. But there’s definitely nothing average about this stylish lass. A fashion & lifestyle blogger for over 10 years, Hanie also spearheads a video production company along with her partner while being an avid traveller and a cat lover.


“I’ve worn contacts since I was 13 and love how easy it is to go around your day without glasses. I love the freedom of contacts.”


Being a personality who is recognized for her sense of style, Hanie uses colored contacts to jazz up her look. However, her previous lenses were unable to keep up with her 12-hour schedule. Dry and tired eyes were inevitable parts of her day.


Hanie recently tried the Dailies Total 1® and even took it on a long haul flight and underwater (with goggles on, of course) on a diving trip.

Being a lifestyle blogger she gave us 2 great tips of how she uses her contact lenses in her daily life.


1. “Taking your contacts underwater is possible! As long as you wear your waterproof goggles before going into the water.”

2. “Daily contact lenses are best for travelling because they are so convenient and you start with a fresh pair every day. DAILIES TOTAL1® is so comfortable even till the day’s end that I don’t need eye drops anymore.”

Hanie’s lifestyle requires her to have a sharp eye for aesthetics and details while having the freedom to immerse in everything she does without inhibition. According to her, DAILIES TOTAL1® made her realize that battling eye discomfort doesn’t have to be part of her day.

So if you think that putting up with dry eyes and even the slightest discomfort is all part and parcel of wearing contact lenses, think again. As Hanie has discovered, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can read further into her experience here.


DAILIES TOTAL1® is the world’s first and only water gradient contact lens. With its silky-smooth surface that acts as a cushion of moisture and being 6X more breathable than the leading daily disposable lens, you can enjoy exceptional comfort all-day long. Best of all it feels like you are wearing nothing.