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Celebrity Chef Sherson Lian DAILIES TOTAL1® Experience

Sherson Lian is a household name in the Malaysian culinary scene. The talented chef is a familiar face on the Asian Food Channel and the man behind many noteworthy restaurants, with the latest being Hello by Kitchen Mafia.


Needless to say, Sherson spends countless hours in the heat of the kitchen creating beautifully sumptuous dishes. So contact lenses are a must for him in a hot, steamy and oily kitchen, because a good eye is the key to serving up gastronomical affairs on a plate.

When Sherson was introduced to DAILIES TOTAL1®, his observations were of a person who clearly has a keen eye for details.

The unique water gradient material of DAILIES TOTAL1® is undoubtedly its most unique and important feature in delivering comfort. Spot on Sherson! J


Sherson also reveals that he is a little bit of a maverick when it comes to wearing contact lenses, going against the grain and having them on for more than 12 hours a day. He shares that driving home at night with the air con in his face used to be a painful affair as his eyes were dry after a long day.


So when asked about what’s the biggest difference he has noticed since switching to DAILIES TOTAL1®, he confidently replied:


“Moisture! The lens can tahan my long hours and my eyes are not dry and not red like before.”


Sounds like a happy camper to us. J


DAILIES TOTAL1® is the world’s first and only water gradient contact lens with a silky smooth surface made to give your eyes superior moisture; and the highest breathability for comfort that can last all day long. Best of all it feels like you are wearing nothing.