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Actress Tong Bing Yu DAILIES TOTAL1® Experience

Tong Bing Yu (童冰玉) is no stranger to the local TV & movie scene with numerous awards under her belt including Most Popular Female artiste and Best Female Actress nominations. It is safe to say, that this demure beauty is driven, hardworking and talented. 


Being on top of her acting career does not come easy as Bing Yu sits down and shares with us about her long hours and packed schedule, while trying to look good for the cameras – which are surrounding her at all times.


Her relationship with contact lenses began with wearing circle lenses that increased the size of her peepers, making them look bigger and bolder to help boost her confidence in front of the cameras. However, her journey was painful and riddled with itchiness and irritation.

Recently, Bing Yu was introduced to the new DAILIES TOTAL1®. Although the lenses did not enlarge the appearance of her eyes, trying them on for the first time definitely tempted her to make the switch to choosing a more comfortable lens.


“First thing I noticed about the Dailies Total 1 is they are very soft! It really feels like you are not wearing anything in your eyes but yet you have very clear vision.”


Bing Yu also mentions that she has shelved all the eye drops and she doesn’t take out her lenses in between shoots anymore especially since she disposes the lens at the end of the day.

If you are looking for contact lenses that feel comfortable, even at the end of the day, so you can focus on the more important things in life, then DAILIES TOTAL1® it is. This first & only water gradient contact lens with a silky smooth surface will give your eyes superior moisture . Plus it has superior breathability like no other. You can also win yourself a 5-day trial by completing our comfort quiz right here and be on your way to discovering a whole new world of contact lens comfort.