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Miss World Malaysia 2009, Thanuja Ananthan’s

DAILIES TOTAL1® Experience

Needless to say, this multi-talented beauty queen runs on a very tight schedule and is always on the go especially now that she is a travel TV host too.


“I’ve never liked glasses because I feel like they restrict me. Especially since I travel a lot.”


Prior to DAILIES TOTAL1®, Thanuja had never tried daily disposable lenses before. Her previous lenses, while freeing her from the constraints of glasses, made her eyes look “veiny” and red and feel dry by 5pm - but her day is hardly over!

DAILIES TOTAL1® is the only water gradient lens in the world. It has a silky-smooth surface that acts as a cushion of moisture to keep your eyes moisturized and comfy all day long. Truly, we did notice that Thanuja’s eyes were incredibly bright and white.


We know that Thanuja is ecstatic with her DAILIES TOTAL1® because she has raved about it so much that even her sister has made the switch to DAILIES TOTAL1®.

So if you are a go-getter like Thanuja, the DAILIES TOTAL1® will definitely complement your lifestyle. In addition to its superior moisture, this lens is also 6X more breathable than the leading daily disposable lens. So you can have healthy and white eyes, just like Thanuja!