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Express your style with FreshLook® ColorBlends®

The best part about university life is the opportunity to experiment with fashion. Gone are the days of the blue and white uniform and you are now free to try out any style trends to express the person you are.

The best accessory to switch up your style persona is through color contact lenses. Here we show you 3 uni-appropriate trends that will propel you to be the most stylish student on campus with the help of FreshLook® ColorBlends® color contact lenses.

Rock star edge

The simplest way to give your ensemble a rocker edge is with a leather jacket. It is so versatile and can toughen up a feminine dress or add a cool edge to a casual outfit. For a fun, youthful rocker chic look, combine a bright colorful dress with the buttery sheen of a faux leather jacket while completing the look with FreshLook® ColorBlends® in gray for an added air of mystery.

Bohemian chic

The flowy, romantic nature of a bohemian look always exudes a whimsical, dreamy vibe. The key to putting together a boho-chic getup is to combine something fitted with something flowy and pairing neutrals with colorful, graphic folky prints. Turquoise-stoned jewelries are the best accessories for this free-spirited look, but if you are really looking to stand out, opt for the FreshLook® ColorBlend® in turquoise instead.

Girly charm

This is the perfect style to play with frills, lace and tulle! But the secret to this graceful, feminine look is finding the demure balance through a clever mix of textures and colors. So, for a highly texturize tulle skirt, opt for it in a neutral color so it doesn’t become too overpowering. Then pair it with a bright sweet color for the perfect girly balance. Complete the look with subtle and dainty accessories and the FreshLook® ColorBlends® in amethyst for a touch of sweet girly charm. 


So who says that dressing for uni can’t be fashionable? No matter your style, completing your look with the right eye color is the key to pulling any look together. Wear your style in full confidence with FreshLook® Colorblends® with 12 beautiful colors to help you amp up your style.