How Fashionista Fatin Suhana Started Her Fashion Label

It’s so easy to admire Fatin Suhana, the founder of fashion label, ByFatinSuhana. Who would have thought that this humble lady owns two boutiques and manages 20+ employees? A standing ovation from us for sure!


However, her fashion enterprise wasn’t built in a day. After graduating with a degree in International Business, she strived to get a job in a multinational company (MNC). Shortly after that, she was offered a not-to-be-missed opportunity to work in an international cosmetics company. At the same time, her university also offered her the chance to pursue a Master’s degree in Melbourne, Australia. With all these new opportunities opening up in front of her, Fatin felt confused and realized that her life’s vision of being a business woman had gotten blurry.


By leaning in to her real passion in business, she saw her goal of starting an online business with renewed clarity. So, she managed to convince her parents to allow her to work on her online business for a year; and if she couldn’t make it, she would heed her parents’ advice on which path to follow. As they say, the rest is history. ByFatinSuhana took the world (okay, maybe Malaysia) by storm and it was made possible because Fatin didn’t settle for something, just because of fear or what society will think.

Source: Fatin Suhana's Instagram @fatinsuhana

Looking back, Fatin is glad that she gained a clearer life vision. And she feels the same applies to her choice of monthly contact lenses. After a month of trying AIR OPTIX® plus HydraGlyde® lenses, Fatin had this raving review, “The truth is, it’s like I’m not wearing it (the lenses) at all, because it’s so comfortable and doesn’t dry up in my eyes. It’s so clear, no blurry vision at all. Definitely worth every ringgit!”

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Fatin’s #NeverSettle story is such an inspiration to young entrepreneurs out there who are second-guessing themselves. In the words of Fatin, “Most importantly, you have to believe in yourself. Make your #NeverSettle story something to be proud of.”

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