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How to style Color Contact Lenses

for everyday wear

It is a common misconception that color contact lenses are reserved for funky outfits, night outs, and teenagers. However, by opting for color lenses that enhance your eye color naturally, they can blend seamlessly into your everyday life. That’s right, rocking color contact lenses at the office is actually possible. We rounded up some looks to give you an idea of the different styles you can achieve daily and bring out your confidence in every occasion.



Shades of Gray

One of the rarest natural eye colors, gray eyes give off a mystical, strong and alluring aura; making anyone with gray eyes look incredibly captivating. Grays are best paired with cool neutral tones like monochromes or fall/winter colors. This combination will intensify your head-to-toe ensemble, letting everyone know that you are in charge. If you have an important presentation, you will definitely be commanding full attention in this look.

Shades of Blue

At the office, we always throw on a tailored blazer for a professional look, albeit it lacks a little personality. You can subtly work your style into the outfit by pairing your look with Blue eyes. As blue eyes give the impression of a fun loving youth, it will balance out the uptight corporate look.

Shades of Green

For your off days, you can afford to step out of the box. Green eyes are undeniably enchanting, think bohemian chic, woodland sweethearts. They speak of a free spirit that can sometimes be a little playful yet authoritative. Green eyes are best paired with earthy tones. These are the perfect eyes to wear to an outdoor party with your family and friends.

Shades of Brown

Brown tones are the most versatile with mass appeal. They match Asian hair & skintones the best, making them practical to wear while beautiful to look at. If you are new to color lenses, this is the perfect entry level because it is so easy to style!


For the office, pair Honey eyes with dark rich tones such as purples and maroons that will help you look every part the #GirlBoss. Take your look from corporate to casual by throwing on a pair of casual jeans & white tee. If you want to stay in the same lane but switch it up, try the Brown or Hazel.

Color contact lenses are not that daunting after all, right? Try your first pair of color contact lenses that naturally enhances your eye color with AIR OPTIX ® COLORS. They are designed with 3-in-1 color technology to naturally blend with your eye color. Also, with 6x¹ more breathability than your average color contacts, your eyes will feel fresh for much longer, making them look whiter and feel more comfortable all day long.


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